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The metaphorical man behind the curtain.

Svelte’s docs… Meh.

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In my testing, Svelte performs exceptionally well.

Svelte is faster than React

Best practice is bad practice.

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Code styling

Code photo by Kevin Ghadyani
Code photo by Kevin Ghadyani

Using Redux-Observable for complex pipelines.

WebSocket connection with RxJS in Node.js

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Making complex Redux-Observable easier to grok.

A single tip for Redux-Observable success.

Pipeline Splitting

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Looking at things from a different perspective.

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Breaking tough problems into small pieces.

This Video Got Me Excited

Mock Google interview (for Software Engineer job) by TechLead

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Smart Home Troubles You’ve Never Knew Existed

The Smart Home Reality

  1. Owning a Real Smart Home (start here!)
  2. Networking 215+ Smart Home Devices


Screenshot of Ben Lesh’s original code on StackBlitz.

Even the best of us write bugs. This guy did it on purpose.

Ben’s Original Tweet

Kevin Ghadyani

Living in the future.

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