I’m fighting for my GOP

Because leaving won’t solve the problem

As the GOP continues its downward spiral, many party members have opted to leave. Registering instead as independents, or if the hatred is that bad, democrats. It’s like a ship that has hit rough seas, crews are searching for the life boats instead of trying to ride out the storm. I don’t blame them. Trump, Cruz and others are driving this party off a cliff.

I thought about taking that course of action — just dropping my affiliation and voting as an independent. Depending on the headlines of the day, admitting you are a Republican can be downright embarrassing — think “small hands” comments and the current wife wars.

But I’ve decided instead to stay the course and attempt to help steer the ship out of the storm. Leaving doesn’t solve the party’s problem, it only allows those who remain to further re-write its priorities and platforms. Remember the vocal minority, yeah, they’re winning and only get strong with each defection.

I’m only one person, and I don’t have the millions it takes to back the candidate I want to see president. But together with others who also want to enact change, I believe we can realize real progress.

And as a member of the Good Old Party, I’m going to do everything in my power to return the party to the platforms it was founded upon and the priorities that made it appealing to millions of voters nationwide.

Here at home, I am supporting a Republican challenger to our sitting U.S. Congressman. No, he’s not more conservative or more pro-gun. Instead he’s more realistic about what can be accomplished, he’s more willing to have conversations with Representatives on the other side of the aisle and he’s more in tune with the thousands of voters, like myself, who want to see the party more aligned with the realities of today.

As part of my work with the campaign, I am hoping to encourage others to likewise not abandon ship but instead stay the course and use their voice, their votes and their dollars to remind Washington and the Republican leadership what we really want to see accomplished.

I believe in fiscal conservatism, the beauty of life and the rights of everyone to own a gun. But I also believe that times have changed, we must be more accepting of others and we must stop trying to legislate morality.

The Republican Party has a lot at stake in this election — ok, it has everything at stake in this election — and I, for one, want to do everything I can to bring the party back from the cliff, to make it once again appealing and welcoming for women, minorities, young, old and everyone in between.

I’m sticking with the GOP and I hope that by 2020, we have learned a few lessons and are a better, stronger, more realistic and inclusive party.

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