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“Before any great Change in society. there must be a narrative.” Anon.

Now in the Movie Fight Club there were three distinct benificiaries of the disjointed character with a split personality disorder.

Project Mayhem;Outcome— Homegrown Terrorists/Patriot Act

FIGHT CLUB; Outcome — UFC and MMA popularity

Blowing Banks to free world debt; Outcome — Twin Towers, 9–11, 2008 GFC.

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Now Mr Robot as discussed by By Matt Brennan| Thompson on Hollywood! November 3, 2015 at 9:00AM

”Mr. Robot,” created by Sam Esmail, also concerns displaced identities and debt slavery, but it wasn’t until the aforementioned tinkling of the piano that I came to see it as a sort of serialized homage to “Fight Club,” updated for the digital age. In the brilliant first season, Elliot, encouraged by the mysterious Mr. Robot (Christian Slater), joins a vigilante hacker collective known as fsociety in an effort to take down the world’s largest conglomerate, E Corp — cancelling all the debt the company holds and tanking the global economy in the process”

Now we all know there are imitations and there are influences.

Does this Mr Robot narrative invite for the Global chaos necessary to cause enough upheaval for people to accept change in pure brutality.

For example like a world War, Global Financial Crisis beyond all measure. FEMA CAMPS and Mass refugee resettlement programme.

A sort of Stalinist (soros) world Government with Gulags holding dissidents and artists and opposition in death Camps with impunity.

Or is it the Narcissistic Truth about where we are heading in our minds to the constant Science Fiction reference that the Digital world is the New Tower of Babylon and we stand to loose it all by trusting the Server Towers will find God?

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Food for thought?

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