Why the Internet has no HEART!!! ❤

Internet Tower of Babylon Meme Saxxon Creative

Why? I hear you ask.

“Why does the internet have no Heart?”

Well its Simple to Answer.

A: Its a syphon or funnel of the human condition.

Just as Hand to hand combat was removed by the invention of the spear/sword. The internet has become the Human condition removed from personal space (heart centred) to the Artificial, Virtual Reality Cold Mechanics of Binary Reality.

So what does this have to do with the Pseudo science of ‘Heart’ or ‘Feelings?’

Modern Love Meme Saxxon Creative

So I will first need to express the ‘NOW’ as I see it.

At the touch of a button we are all connected via power cables, wireless frequencies, 4k screens, Bluetooth and various gadgetry that everyday gets closer to extensions of ourselves or intravenous installations within the human body.

We are adapting quickly to a silent consumerism urban self censored beings. We already feel this disconnect in the person to person feel. As within this generation we find it hard to communicate or connect without some safe distance of a screen. Behind this screen we can Troll, and rant and become like angry mobs with digital pitchforks and digital torches.

The online Media and service providers have collected our memories, a definition of our likes and dislikes. Therefore we are collectively advertised to and given every bit of our personal information delivered to our forebrain without even noticing it happening.

Time MEME Saxxon Creative

We have evolved to see ourselves in the mirror like substance we call the mind. Yet even with all the Psychology and Psychiatry and Neuroscience we are still stuck with an identity crisis calling for control, or a bigger concept to ride into the year 2020 with security and consistency.

“Yet we have the complete opposite.”

Last supper MEME Saxxon Creative

So we are on the Road to Binary identity crisis. This is where our heart has left the technology of the internet. We are at the point of product going from innovation, stabilisation and profit while reducing quality.

The increase of Aspergers and High functioning Spectral Autism disorders are actually suited (in some cases) to the concentration and analysis needed in Binary and Coding functions that computing requires.

“So is everyone Fetish rich and honesty poor.”

Air Bondage Discipline Sado Masochism meme Saxxon Creative

There is everything on the internet. There is even a dark side of the internet called Dark Web. The truth about all large companies that have enough money to buy multiple countries is also something that needs to be noted.

Now I am not going to go lyrical here! Or write some dirge or dystopian lament about the internet. The slow rot that has started on the earth is quietly a good thing to have happen. We are all mortals and live and die for our habits and limitations. Yet we are losing something more than just moral codes, etiquette, manners, human touch and real communication. In a sense of belonging to a real communion of human feeling and emotion we are now borderless than ever. The personal basis of our definition has been corrupted by the ease of digital life and its segmentation of labours and automations.

“Is there a solution to regain our Heart?”

Facebook Reichstag MEME

Yes there is many ways to regain your heart from the Internet. Which has now become a Digital Wasteland Dictatorship run by corporate Globalists.

First is to find your self regardless of your self projected idea of self or regarding yourself as what you post.

Second is to take responsibility; As the whole internet and political system is based on Zero accountability.

Thirdly start using personal ways to communicate and revel in the creativity of you and not what its defined as.

Finally use patience in the cycle of things; Do not blame yourself or others for the predicaments. So Explore the vivid world of living and nature as much as possible.

Google Mirror wicked witch of the West Meme Saxxon Creative

Adaption is key and it is perfectly good knowledge that with all innovations in the world a War preceded it. We validate our ability to work and invent based on Trauma. Yet none of these inventions have brought us more in to direct reflection of the self than the witches Scrying Mirror of the Smart phone and computer Screen. Like a kind of divination tool we hope to find and share all the knowledge of the world and unify all languages and barriers into one personal hand held or worn device. Yet none of these things have to do with the heart. For example that undefinable energy of a poet or writer or performer that captures magic and makes you believe its true when it is just and expression of something known or unknown. Every one now sees this element as possibly exploited to the maximum. Now in come the accountants to shape your viewing and in turn your mind. As the global village doesn’t need adaption, it needs consistency. As William Shakespear quite eloquently pointed out

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts,

“So is the internet Weaponised yet?”

Yes the internet has its Weaponised persona worked out to be that of defining reality for everyone connected to the machine. Just as the Gutenberg Press made for easily printed publications to shift human belief. We find ourselves at the dawn of mass communication and delivery devices, where Media and audio visual elements can be consumed every minute of every day in a continuous ‘Feed’. We have pundits and Figure heads that play the Court Jester and tell us that what the Media Baron has said is ‘FAKE NEWS’. Which devalues the whole system of knowing something to be true.

So instead of Chiseled tablets with the Ten commandments we have the machine defined moral compass of a Merchant Banker/Slave owner/Corporate CEO/ angsty teenager.

Moses 10 commandments MEME Saxxon Creative

So to leave it there with a bit of problem, reaction and solution. I have one last lyrical piece to add at the end of the article.

“Internal monologue began to chew at my cynical emotions, the echo chamber of the modern loneliness. I could not grasp what it meant. I could not fathom the depth of each individual, meditative awareness. Our specified ignorance of others. I knew homogenised cities needed distance and ignorance as necessary for survival. Suburban neurosis seemed to reflect how incapacitated, obsessed with rules we all needed, as we wanted to hate something with impunity.
Western society had bowed well and truly to the God of fear masked as etiquette, and invented the movie of our lives on social media as a hippy commune without violence. Now the silence was violence. What repressed emotions were now being replayed in some middle eastern country by the Theatre of war, bargaining human lives in refugee states to devalue statehood and cultural identity.
Our true sorrow and necessary ignorance at a safe Drone Strike distance somewhere else in the world. The Bliss of convenience.”
(excerpt from Soul Nausea Chapter 2 by A M Graetz)

So in summation of all things known and unknown. We are at the cusp of a Internet power play for humanity to build the SERVER TOWER OF BABYLON. Where all languages and cultures are unified as one, building the digital tower to Heaven to Challenge GOD and final redemption or whatever Pay Per View title fight will name it.

Yet there is one thing we are intimately aware of.

That power is finite and human creativity is at the mercy of the elements.