SayCheerz - Free Hugs for New Year in Bangalore

SayCheerz team FreeHugs Campaign

SayCheerz Team

FreeHugs In Bangalore

Crowds cheering SayCheerz team

Someone from crowd took step to cheer SayCheerz team

Free Hugs

Free Hugs in Bangalore for New Year

Bangalore supporting Free Hugs Campaign of SayCheerz

Bengaluru in for Free Hugs

Bangalore crowd cheering SayCheerz team

Free Hugs was the campaign made by SayCheerz on New Year 2016 on Brigade Road, Bangalore. For every hug SayCheerz received, 1rp was donated to Child Education.

Thanks Bangalore crowd for the overwhelming response and support in cheering SayCheerz team.

Happy New Year. Have a great year ahead.