SayCheerz — Friends! Drinks! Discounts!

SayCheerz is a social meet-up which promotes personalized deals / discounts on pubs & bars around you.

SayCheerz helps you create plans to hangout with your buddies or meet new like-minded people to hangout. And the best part is, you get personalized offers and discounts to hangout in pubs/bars.

What is personalised offers?

Personalised offers are determined by the pubs/bars on the go as soon as your event is created; based on your group size, time, etc., Thus every users get the offers they deserve and not generalised offers.

How SayCheerz works?


Download the SayCheerz app and register.

scan to get link to download

Meet Up

Create or join existing meetups in the app with either your friends, new people or both.


Search for other open meet ups available in your locality. If you feel its your kind off even, request to join the event.


Invite your friends or connections from social media to join your party.

Get Offers

Get personalized offers from Pubs and Bars around your meetup locality.

Accept Offer

Accept the best offer. Have fun. SayCheerz. And don’t forget to redeem the offers.

Download app at

SayCheerz is now operational only in Bengaluru. It is planned to expand to other major metro cities in India soon.

scan to get link to download

Unlike other apps, SayCheerz gives you personalized offers depending on your friends circle size. More the friends you take, better the offer you get. Thus every users get personalized and customised offers, not generalised offers. The idea seems to be quite existing right?

Let us know what you feel about the app in comments below.