Introducing SayMore

The Talking Network


When was the last time you had a spontaneously awesome conversation with someone new you just met at a café, on a flight, or walking down the street?

A few years ago I was seated next to an older gentleman on a flight to Boston. We introduced ourselves with standard “hellos” as the flight attendants prepared for takeoff but our conversation quickly grew more interesting as the plane gained altitude. I learned about his incredible life: He told me about how he had survived the Japanese holocaust, moved to the United States, got married and started a family. He told me about how he had survived cancer but recently relapsed and how he was at peace with that now. We talked for the entire flight about anything and everything. We talked for the sake of talking. We talked without any expectation of staying in touch or trying to impress one another. It was simply a pleasant conversation and at the end of the flight we went on our separate ways.

“Whether a plane to Singapore, a subway in Manhattan, or the streets of Cincinnati, I search for meaningful conversation wherever I may travel. Without it, I believe we lose the ability to not only understand others, but more importantly, ourselves.”
–Dhani Jones

Many of you have probably had a similar experience at some point. You happen to strike up a conversation with someone in line at Starbucks or while getting a haircut. You engage in small talk and connect on a human level. Unfortunately, those spontaneous interactions are few and far between — and, thanks to those little devices that keep our heads down in a web of distraction, they are becoming more rare than ever. So, recently, I began to wonder how we might combat this trend and, instead, simulate that plane ride conversation in a better, more accessible and more on-demand kind of way.

“A conversation is a dialogue, not a monologue. That’s why there are so few good conversations: due to scarcity, two intelligent talkers seldom meet.”
–Truman Capote

Introducing SayMore, the talking network. Our mission is to connect people through conversation. On the surface, SayMore is a simple app to make talking on the phone fun again. We are committed to helping individuals re-discover the lost art of conversation. Learn more at:

Talking is deeply human. It’s what saved cavemen from getting eaten by saber tooth tigers. Cavemen didn’t sit around the campfire texting or posting selfies — no, they talked!

In this age of information overload, we believe the simple act of conversation is more important than ever.

We live in strange times. The social web and constant connectivity were supposed to bring us closer together, and to some extent they have, but we’re also experiencing social fatigue and digital isolation. The “everything is awesome” status updates that dominate your feed today create a false narrative, alienate readers and cause envy. Have you stopped posting updates to Facebook? How many of your friends have?

And yet, we long for companionship. Studies show that social connections are directly correlated to living a happy and healthy life. That’s why we built SayMore, to provide social connections in a more authentic, intimate, and engaging way.

“As far as playing jazz, no other art form, other than conversation, can give the satisfaction of spontaneous interaction.”
–Stan Getz

Talking conveys emotion better than a thousand emoticons ever could. It feels good to express a point of view, to offer opinions and to consider new points of view. So stop texting so much and start saying more instead.


We hope you like what we’ve built. If you do or if you don’t, either way, please let us know by saying so. Testing SayMore has been a hit with our friends and family over the last few months but this is only the beginning. Stay tuned for many exciting product updates and new features in the coming weeks.

Talk soon,

The SayMore Team