It’s Time to Talk, Including the Boring Bits

Sherry Turkle, renowned psychologist and author, shared so much wisdom in her 2012 TED Talk, “Connected, but Alone?,” that we encourage you to watch it in full.

Her talk touches on many important themes, but the one that resonated most deeply with our team is this: technology has surprising limitations in providing authentic connections between individuals, especially when compared to the simple act of talking. It’s a point that’s driven home in her 2012 book,“Alone Together.”

Like Professor Turkle, we agree technology isn’t inherently bad. There is obviously a need for it and it does help individuals be more efficient. However, it’s telling that although one of the primary motivations for increasing efficiency is having more free time to hang out with friends and family, new technology has seemingly had the opposite effect. Though social media has, in many ways, connected us more than ever, it has also driven us farther apart. The ability to stay in touch through edited versions of how we want the world to view us has led individuals to be less authentic and more isolated. To combat this trend, Turkle suggests hitting the pause button to reflect on what it is we want from technology.

Engaging in real live conversations prevents the ability for one to edit, delete, and touch up what they really mean. — Sherry Turkle

SayMore invites our users to talk more. And we realize there is no substitute for face-to-face conversations when it comes to developing and nurturing authentic relationships; however, for those instances when face-to-face is not possible, we believe phone call conversations can help bridge the gap. So let’s practice being more authentic with one another. Pick up the phone and use the SayMore app to start saying more today!