How To Make Amazon Echo Talk With Tesla

In 1982 Knight Rider hit the airwaves and riveted kids across America to the TV. The show was exciting; a lone crime-fighter battles the forces of evil with the help of an indestructible and artificially intelligent super-car; “KITT”.

Now fast forward to 2016 and MOSAIC has contributed to making the notion of KITT a reality; minus the crime-fighter character of David Hasselhoff, the forces of evil, and the indestructible car (honestly… we’re just flexing our muscles to show-off a little). On the coattails of CES and amongst the buzz around the Amazon Echo, Apple’s Siri, Google Now, Microsoft’s Cortana and other virtual assistants, we want to demonstrate the potential of the ‘AI’ in MOSAIC, as Amazon reviews our Alexa Skill for launch.

How we did it? Lets talk about that for a moment. MOSAIC created a platform that is engineered to connect your smart devises to your voice. That platform is currently being connected to the Amazon Echo, as we work diligently with Amazon to publish it for Echo users.

We want to thank Amazon for an open API that allows developers the possibilities to build creative stuff on top of their ASK (Alexa Skills Kit). Additionally, We want to thank the open source community which continues to create an amazing public library resource; we leveraged model-s-api on github and public docs.

Amazon has throw the door wide open with anticipated products like Echo Fox, and MOSAIC will certainly be there with support products and services that will make the most of your smart devices. Expect a lot from MOSAIC in the weeks and months to come.

Check out MOSAIC as we continue to build momentum: