Monday Be Like..

It’s Monday. A ridiculous beginning of a week after my solo birthday-trip to Perhentian Islands (a really heavenly place) and I’m still re-calibrating to my work-life in Kuala Lumpur.

Braving this week, I feel like I did well so far. I spent last Sunday with my crushboy (I wish I can call him my fuckboi though, I WISHH!). We went for a stroll around Titiwangsa Park hunting for Pokemons and went for dinner at the nearby McDonald’s. There were few moments while we were sitting next to each other that his hands brushed my bare legs (for few seconds!) and he immediately pulled them away. And he has become slightly “braver”; he gave a gently pat while we were walking to grab my attention. He never did that before. Yeah a realistic part of me kept telling me that this was all normal and it was after all, a friendly gesture. But my romantic heart was still restless and I felt happy that the relationship got elevated in some ways; and throughout the outing, I kept hoping more things will happen but we were not alone though, my unintentional-third-wheel housemate was around. As always, I feel like my housemate’s presence is crippling our growth as a couple (LOL!) Hmm, but I notice I have never truly be alone with him. Even when it’s always ended up with only two of us in the room, there’s always a thought that my housemate is sleeping in the next “room” (we live in a studio apartment, so it’s more to a partition than a proper four-walls room).

Last night after my crushboy left, while lying on the bed, I spent the time thinking (more like drooling over him); I should try to convince him to come hang out with me when my housemate is not around. Maybe I can start with inviting him out for another pokehunting session at the park, then we can have take-away some food and have the dinner while watching a movie or something at my place. Then maybe I will convince him smoke a joint (or two) and we shall see what’s gonna happen next *evil grin* Perhaps we will end up having sex (yes please!) Haha what an elaborate, desperate plan!

My Monday (and hopefully the rest of this week) is no longer just a boring chore, I have some daydreaming to do!

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