ICE: the future of media?

Media is changing. Here’s my top three ideas for the future of media:


There was a time when entertainers wouldn’t lend their image to advertisements, or sell their songs for use in commercials.

Now, if you haven’t “sold out” you haven’t “made it”.

Whether it’s your favourite pop star or the most celebrated writer, I think the future of media is going to rely heavily on the voices of influencers.


Who can we trust? What is fake news?

With so many options for information, the topic of credibility is becoming more important. People are losing faith in the media. The credible journalist is quickly becoming a rare breed worthy of Sir David Attenborough peeking out from behind a cubicle whispering his astonishment of stumbling upon one in the wild.

The future of media might mean a global conglomeration of credible media outlets in order to make the consumer feel the message is correct.


People might scrape by just to pay rent but have the latest and greatest video game consoles.

In the future, we’re probably going to be so distracted by technology that news will have to be consumed with a healthy dose of entertainment value.

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