ACCESS Global Ed Talk: Group Economics

We are stronger together.

To tell you the truth, I really do not remember my first interview, but I do remember my desire to uplift. I knew I needed to share information about other entrepreneurs when I started my podcast. It was different when compared to my YouTube channel. I focused on personal growth and empowerment on YouTube, but for my podcast, I focus on education, encouragement and empowerment. Since starting my podcast channel I have interviewed politicians, entrepreneurs, teachers, professors, nonprofit leaders, students, pretty much whomever has information to share. I believe it is a crime to possess information; you are truly impacting community when you are sharing information to empower others. What good is content when it is kept secret. My duty as a community member is to uplift other members of the community, so I share all that I know to educate, encourage and empower.

However, as of recently, I’ve spent a great deal of time interviewing entrepreneurs who are new to business ownership. Nothing excites me more than allowing an owner to come on my show and talk about their business venture. Everyone needs an opportunity and I want to do all I can to help. I created this platform to educate but as of recently, I use it to encourage and empower. The purpose of ACCESS Global is to educate, encourage and empower and I purposefully remain in alignment with the vision of my organization. The ACCESS Global Podcast gives entrepreneurs the ability to talk about all aspects of their business for free. I share their interview on all of my social media sites and I provide them with a link to share the content as well. I call it group economics; organizations working together to expand and strengthen their network and uplift the greater community. This is how I serve. How do you serve?

Steps to Serving the Community

Connect with people in the community.

Look for businesses to support in the community.

Buy local goods.

Connect with and support other entrepreneurs in the community.

Support local events and activities in your community.

Host events and activities in your community.

Vacation locally.

Support the arts and entertainment in your local community.

Connect with local school districts to seek for opportunities to serve.

Be About The Business Of Uplifting Your Community!

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