Getting started with ScPrime

Jan 16 · 6 min read

ScPrime is a decentralized cloud storage project focusing on the business cloud. Decentralized storage networks eliminate the gatekeeper role played by traditional cloud service providers via cryptography and distributed ledger technology, while exploiting excess storage around the globe. What does that mean? Basically instead of these small and medium businesses storing their sensitive data on a standard cloud provider where ‘they’ control your data, and loss of that data isn’t uncommon, ScPrime provides automatic client-side encryption, erasure coding and a redundancy schema that distributes data to dozens of storage nodes for ultra-durability with the customer never surrendering control or ownership of their data.

The primary way to access the ScPrime network right now is the ScPrime UI. A completely different interface/feature-set is being developed as the core product for business, but for now users can download the open source UI. This UI acts as a wallet for your ScPrime Coins (SCP) as well as a gateway for you to host and/or rent on the network. This article will help you get started using the ScPrime UI to receive and store your SCP.

The first step is to go to the ScPrime homepage located at

Once there, navigate to the resources tab, and click on ‘Software’

Version 1.4.3 is the current UI

You will want to download UI version 1.4.3 for the operating system you are using. There is also a ‘bootstrap’ you can download that will speed up the time it takes to sync the UI with the network, but it isn’t necessary. More on that later. Once downloaded, run the executable.

When the UI opens, you will see the above screen. Since this is a getting started guide, we will assume you are starting a new wallet, so click on ‘Create new wallet’.

Once clicked, the UI will generate your ScPrime seed or key. Your seed is important and will need to be backed up and then placed in a safe location. Your seed is the only way to access your SCP if something should happen to the computer that the UI is on. At the same time, because the seed gives access to your SCP, it needs to be kept private. Click on the ‘Copy Seed to Clipboard’ button.

Open up Notepad or another similar program and paste the seed into it. Keep it open for now as you will need it for the next step, but once that step is completed, it is a good idea to secure the seed. You could print a copy and then keep that hard copy in a safe place, or perhaps put the notepad file on a USB stick. Either way, you don’t want to keep your seed anywhere someone else can easily find it, so don’t keep it in a text file on your desktop or a centralized cloud server. You want to keep it safe but ‘off the grid’ if possible. So it would be a good idea to delete this notepad file after your seed is secured.

Once you hit ‘Next’ on the generated seed page, you will be asked to fill in the blank seed words to ensure you have possession of the seed. Once filled in, click ‘Done’.

You will then see this above screen as the index is being built and the blockchain is being scanned. This can take some time (several hours), but once done, re-syncing the wallet in the future will be much quicker as it only scans from the block it was on when you closed your UI last.

Another option, as mentioned above, is to download the ‘bootstrap’ and place the consensus file (you will need to unzip it first) in the ScPrime folder. The location will depend on your OS. Commonly it would be one of these;

This would speed up the process of syncing your wallet, but isn’t necessary.

Once the UI is synced with the network, you will see ‘Synced’ in the top right hand corner. You can then click on the ‘Wallet’ tab.

Once inside the ‘Wallet’, you will want to click on ‘Receive’

You will then click on ‘Generate New Address’. An address will be generated below. From there you can then receive SCP using that address.

It could also be a good idea to change your UI password as well. Your UI password is different then your seed, but by default, your password will be your seed. You can change it to something else so you don’t have to re-enter your seed every time you access your UI. To change your password, click on ‘More’ in the ‘Wallet’ tab and then click on ‘Change Password’. Once again, a person that has access to your UI has access to your coins, to be sure to make it a password only you will know!

If you have any further questions using the ScPrime UI, please visit the ‘help’ channel in the ScPrime Discord. The UI will also allow you to become a Storage Provider (host) as well as a renter by uploading files to the SCP network. We plan to post guides on those aspects of the UI soon. For now, please visit the ‘storage-providers’ or ‘renting’ channels for more info.

Useful Links download the ScPrime UI/wallet. ScPrime Discord group. Where most of the ScPrime community gathers. Guide to starting up a ScPrime host Guide to renting storage on the ScPrime network this site will show all ScPrime hosts. Find your host in the list to see its stats as well as its score. Also a good way to check the overall network stats. if you are having trouble with getting your host online, it’s a good idea to make sure your 4282 port is open. Enter your host IP address as well as port 4282 in the port fields to check to make sure it’s open. this guide will help you setup a free account on Uptime Robot. It’s a handy tool that will alert you if your host goes down. if you need some more SCP for your host or to rent more storage, you can buy it on the SCP/BTC pairing on SouthXchange.

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