Public Portals on ScPrime

Jun 1 · 4 min read

ScPrime’s release of UI version 1.4.3 brought many improvements to the network for renters and hosts alike. It also brought with it, Public Portals.

Public Portals might be considered a ‘side effect’ of 1.4.3. It’s an interesting feature that is available for ScPrime users to take advantage of, but it is not a major part of ScPrime’s overall strategy. What Public Portals offers, is a way to easily share files publicly and for free, with anyone, using a Public link that is created when you upload a file to a portal. There is no need to register or sign up to use Public Portals.

You can use the Public Portals at either of the following addresses;

Above is the main page of the ScPrime Public Portals. To upload a file click on the Browse button (if you want to upload an entire folder/dir, click on the link below the Browse button first).

You will then want to navigate to the folder where the file you want to upload is and select and open it.

You will then see the file begin to upload…

…and viola, the file is uploaded to the portal. Click on Copy Link to copy the Public link. There is two ways to now access the file.

You can just paste the link into your browser bar, or…

Copy just highlighted part, after the portal domain name, and paste that into the Public link box on a Public Portal home page and press Enter/Return.

Your file is downloaded. Feel free to share these Public links with anyone you want! Simple!

Public Portals are still in their early phase and you will want to keep file sizes under 1.5-2GB. It’s best used currently for sharing documents and other smaller files. If you do have a larger file that you wish to share publicly, there is a way to upload it and get a Public link, but it takes some knowledge of using the ScPrime UI command line and the storage fees will come out of your wallet, unlike a file you upload on a portal’s home page, which is free. If you’d like to use that aspect of Public Portals, read on.

Advanced Portal Use

If you want to upload a larger file, you will need to be using SC Prime UI version 1.4.3. Please see this guide HERE to learn how to get the ScPrime UI up and running if you haven’t already.

Once in the UI, click on the Terminal button.

The syntax used will be as above, ‘spc pubaccess upload <file path> <filename>. Let’s try to upload the pdf we used in the previous example using this method.

So we’d type in ‘spc pubaccess upload d:\files\uploads\ATaleofTwoCities.pdf ATaleofTwoCities.pdf’ and press Enter. The first path is telling the UI where the file is and the second part is telling the UI what the file will be called on the portal. Please note, the UI doesn’t like spaces in file names.

The file is now available for public access. Your Public link is shown twice as indicated by the arrows. This is the best way to upload larger files to Public Portals for now. Please keep in mind, as was mentioned above, that Public Portals are free, but when you upload using the UI, you are paying the storage costs. Also note, for larger files, the upload can take a while as Public Portals provides 10x redundancy.

Public Portal for developers

Public Portals has an API that can be added to other applications. Both decentralized and centralized apps can take advantage of the affordable, easy and fast ScPrime network to store or distribute data using the Public Portal API. If this is something you are interested in, please visit the Public Portals channel in the ScPrime Discord.

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