‘She Has A Lot of Baggage’
Stacy Walsh

A few years ago when I was online dating , I often read in profiles of women how men should not have any “baggage” and if so they should not bother to waste her time by contacting her. So it works both ways.

but to your article … or more rant really.

“Don’t let him place all the blame on her. A relationship takes two people — he needs to take some responsibility for his role in it, too. He cannot make light of dumping her BECAUSE SHE EXPERIENCED TRAUMA. That is fucked up and unacceptable.”

I assume that your friend was of a similar age to you when you saw him upset about splitting with his girlfriend? The thing is, that you don't know how this Trauma as you call it, manifested itself within their relationship. Why should he take responsibility for baggage within the relationship? Maybe he made a decision that it was too much for him to handle? Maybe, she knowing that her past experience still effected her so much, that it was difficult to form a relationship , could have sought professional help before going into a relationship?

But lets not let rational thinking get in the way of man hating