Why we started ScaleRep

Our team has always been fascinated by people and by growth.
We’re happiest when we bring together good people, and when we unite good people and good ideas.

Growth in ideas, products and companies is nothing short of magic — going from ‘nothing’ to ‘something’, scaling up, and building a fanbase of advocates and buyers. After all, growth in companies happens when you successfully build and foster a community of people who love the value you provide.

At its core, sales and marketing is about connecting with people, growing your footprint, and making other peoples’ lives better through your vision and offering. When you think about it through that lens, it’s no surprise that we started ScaleRep; it’s all about connecting people and growth. It always has been.

How ScaleRep Works

ScaleRep engages companies’ communities of leads at scale with the goal of fueling and fostering long-term growth. We serve as the engagement machine for top-of-the-funnel sales/marketing/growth processes by using automation augmented with human input. We abstract away 100% of the time-consuming work of lead sourcing, engaging/re-engaging with leads across multiple touchpoints, and setting up your saelspersons with qualified leads.

Companies use ScaleRep to automatically reach out to potential customers at scale without any time spent by their teams, and at half the price of a salesperson. That means that teams don’t need to spend the hours a day managing their own mail-merge + CRM software or email inboxes, and can instead focus on reaching and selling to qualified contacts at the right companies. You see, ScaleRep is not yet another sales automation tool; ScaleRep serves as your SDR team, allowing your team to spend their time on the things that matter most: qualifying and selling.

Marketing, sales, and growth teams love us because we build and foster a community of fans, maintain a consistent sales pipeline, build predictable growth for their company, and find lost dollars in opportunities that have fallen through the cracks.

So, just how do we do this?
For more information, reach us at info@scalerep.com