Take Your Organization’s Growth From Acceptable To Exceptional

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How organizations can accelerate their growth from acceptable to exceptional in today’s rapidly changing world?

Salim Ismail has extensively researched what Exponential Organizations (ExOs) do to grow, combat, change and create 10 times more impact than their peers. With sharp insights into ExOs, he has helped a new generation of leaders manage exponentially growing technologies and defined the attributes organizations need to accelerate growth.

Step 1: Transform Leadership

The world is facing an unbelievable pace of change. All of our education, training, and intuition about the world teaches us linear extrapolation. Yet the world is moving exponentially.

These doubling patterns are unbelievably consistent through market forces.

Drones used to have a range and capacity of carrying a 20-kilo package for 10km. Its price performance began doubling every nine months.

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Step 2: Partner With, Invest In, Or Acquire ExOs

Imagine all the opportunities which you can build a business upon if only you can spot the doubling trends. When radical disruption has become the status quo, any entrepreneur can enter a legacy industry, take on a beginner’s mind, and totally disrupt it.

So here’s a big tip: Pick a technology in your industry or domain that’s growing exponentially, aim a few years out, and aim to build your products and services there.

One important thing to note: If you try disruptive innovation in a legacy organization of any kind, you’ll find the organization’s immune system, which likes to keep things in status quo, will attack you.

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Step 3: Disrupt X

Once you take the actions to avoid being attacked by a legacy organization’s immune system, you have the freedom to go to the next step; which is to disrupt.

In your organization, you’re bound to have a few people that are totally crazy.

They’re super smart, they’re really loyal, and they have great ideas. You never know whether to fire them or to keep them.

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Step 4: ExO Lite

Exponential Organizations (ExOs) have 11 attributes in common. Of these 11 attributes, seven of them are the most important for existing organizations: MTP, community and crowd, algorithms, engagements, dashboards, experimentation, and social technologies.

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How To Implement These Steps Effectively

There are a couple of case studies you could model. A good one is a company out of Australia called Smartgroup. Smartgroup is a B2B organization specializing in HR benefits and fleet management for big companies.

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CEO and founder at www.GrowthInstitute.com. Passion for growth, learning, and execution

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