Introducing Scale Model

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Scale Model Dashboard

Hello world! Peter Margulies, CEO of Scale Model here.

It’s been more than a year since I sat down with John Borthwick to discuss a project the betaworks team was calling Scale Model. They had put together a pretty slick prototype that used Twitter data to build “communities” around specific audiences.

I had spent the last 3.5 years at Percolate, so I know the challenges brands are facing around “Audience Intelligence”, and immediately started to think about a much bigger opportunity for the prototype.

What I realized is that using the concept of communities, Scale Model can actually help brands discover, understand, and connect with more of the right audiences. All we need is one input — a person, keyword, or even a URL — and the technology can do the rest.

Fast forward and we’ve been heads down building the new platform ever since. We have also been fortunate to have some great brands including Accenture, Nike, and MTV providing feedback along the way and today I’m excited to announce that Scale Model is officially out of beta and open to the world! Sign up for a free trial and let us know what you think.

What is Scale Model?

Scale Model is a SaaS self-serve platform for brands to discover, understand, and connect with any audience. Looking to connect with more Mommy Bloggers? We’re here for you. Need to create a media campaign before launching a new product? We can help you do that.

Our platform analyzes the millions of relationships that exist within a network, segmenting people into unique communities based on their shared passions, interactions and connections.

All you have to do is enter a single input- a URL or hashtag for example- and in under 2 minutes you will have a full Community Graph like the below:

Community Graph of people Tweeting Thursday Night Football stream link last week

You can then monitor the pulse of your personalized community over time. Understand what content is being shared, who the influential people are, the conversations they care about, and more. Our trend detection engine will notify you of anything spiking in your audience so you never miss out on what matters most to your audience.

Why networks matter to us

Scale Model co-founder Gilad Lotan’s research on how a network can impact information flow has been gathering attention for awhile now. Fortune wrote about the importance of using network analysis to understand the Gun Control debate back in 2015. This Spring, The Economist did a piece about how social media can be used to track uprisings across the world.

Gilad’s piece in The Economist from March 2016

Your network — aka the people you are connected to — says a lot about what you really care about.

By looking at the underlying structure of a network we can provide deep insights into who is really important, how information flows between groups, and much more.

We’re Just Getting Started

At Scale Model, we are obsessed with building a data product that will truly change the way people think about networks and audiences. As we continue to build, you will see more than just additional social platforms like Instagram integrated. Our vision is to allow any company with any network-based data to better segment and understand their user base.

I’m extremely proud of the work we’ve already completed and even more pumped for what’s next. A big thanks and congrats to our entire team: Corey, Sheila, Shaun, Frank, Brian, Mohamed and Gilad. Also an obvious thank you is due to the entire betaworks team, especially Josh Auerbach .


Peter Margulies