Scanbot Integration with Google Docs on Android Add-on

We are thrilled to announce that Scanbot, a leading document scanning app beloved by millions, is now available as an add-on for Google Docs on Android.

When Google asked us if we would like to develop a mobile add-on for the Google Docs app to make your life easier, we immediately jumped on the opportunity and we are very excited to be part of the launch set of Android add-ons. The Scanbot add-on enables you to scan your printed text documents, extract the information from it via optical character recognition (OCR) and insert it into your document as editable text. And the great thing about it: it’s super easy!

  1. Open the Google Docs application on your Android device and select Scanbot from the add-ons menu
  2. Scan the document by holding your phone over it
  3. Sit back and relax — the text will be automatically inserted

In case you want to include the text content of multiple documents just scan them successively. Scanbot inserts the information into your document once you have finished, in the same order as you took the scans. We believe that our automatic scanning and text recognition technology will excite you. Instead of spending your valuable time with the annoying and time-consuming task of digitizing printouts just push a button and enjoy that we are taking care of that tiresome chore for you. This will enable you to focus on the tasks at hand that really matter.

Google has taken a great direction with offering Android add-ons as they will definitely enhance your user experience. The seamless integration and easy tailoring of the Android add-ons to your individual needs will give a boost to your productivity. So make sure, you check out the awesome features developers came up with.

We did our very best to integrate everything smoothly to deliver a great user experience and we are thrilled that you can finally check it out. We believe that you will enjoy the Scanbot mobile add-on for the Google Docs Android app and we are very much looking forward to your feedback. As always please reach out to us with your thoughts via, especially if you think we could implement something differently or if you miss some functionality which would be important to you.

Scanbot is the leading document and QR code scanner with cloud upload for iOS and Android. Create free, high-quality PDF or JPG scans with just one tap.

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