Lovers Don’t Meet

Were you with me all along? She wants to say yes but she can’t answer the question. She honestly doesn’t know.

Will you be with me always? Again she wants to say yes. She has sworn off forevers because her forever didn’t make it. She refuses to talk about forever with anyone but her son. Best, forever, always, with all my heart, etc are banned from her thoughts and words.

Are you with me now? Yes. Without a doubt yes. You have been with her since that first kiss. You are with her now. Every single day.

Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere,

they’re in each other all along. — Rumi

Why? Why won’t you leave? Y’all have moved on. Y’all have not had any contact for 126 days. Contact or no contact, you are still with her. A reckoning force. Go away. Please please please go away. They used to talk about being addicted to each other. The urge never leaves addicts. Once an addict, always an addict.

Hi! My name is Scarlet and I’m an addict. I’ve been clean 126 days.

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