Scarlet in Numbers

36 is her number, 25 men and 11 women. 36 is ironically her age. Why are numbers important? She will never understand. Numbers are not a predictor of the quality or quantity of sex. Numbers are not a predictor of the connection two (or more) people have with each other. Numbers, in this instance, are just numbers. But every potential lover wants to know her numbers. Why? Why? Why? What difference does it make? Scar thinks about contacting some of the people she has slept with to ask why? Why were/are the numbers important to you. Scarlet has never cared about other people’s numbers. It has made no different in her relationship or sexual encounter with anyone. Scar thinks about asking random people she comes across why it’s important to know the number of people your potential lover has fucked.

For a long time, sex had little meaning to Scar. The act was flesh touching flesh with an occasional reaction in her body. Depending on the human, sex was fun, awkward, boring, exciting, messy, strategic, explorative, uncomfortable, weird, sad, happy, etc. Through each interaction, Scar learned more about herself and her body. She gained confidence and self-esteem. She communicated her wants and needs. Sex became less about the mechanics and more about the journey. Sex became a part of Scar’s life, touching her (pun intended) in a variety of ways. Turning off the real world and getting lost in another’s arms.

You may be disappointed that you won’t be reading the tales of two women fucking. Men seem to be particularly interested in sexual acts involving two or more women. Scar has never understood why straight men would be turned on by women who have no interest in them. Scar has always been physically and sexually attracted to both men and women. Oddly for Scar, she hasn’t had an intimate and emotional connection with women. Her relationships with women have always been short lived or non-existent because there’s nothing to the relationship except two hot bodies making each other feel good.

#1, #2, or #3???

You always remember your first. Scarlet does not remember her first. She can’t remember if it was on the cruise or in the unlocked house that was under construction. The only thing Scar remembers is her mother’s reaction. Scar walked back into her house after having sex for the first time and was immediately confronted by her mother. Scarlet’s mother simply stated, “You had sex today.” Scar confirmed and life went on.


No one wants to hear each sexual escapade Scarlet had, and honestly Scarlet cannot remember each one. Maybe another time.


You always remember your 34th? Scar fell hard for #34. Their connection was undeniable. It came out of nowhere and it turned Scar’s world upside down. Everything about them worked! Communication, scheduling, parenting, cooking, cleaning, sex, listening, coffee, sharing, showering, etc. At the beginning, Scar thought they would be friends with benefits, no strings attached. Scar was fooling herself and she knew it. Scar loved him deep in her core. #34 told her to never believe their “I love you.” #34 said it often, but Scar was never to believe it. Scar wanted to believe but they told her not to. #34 was her lobster. #34 is her lobster.

Perfection. They smoke some weed in #34’s garage. It’s pouring outside. The rain is so hard and thick you can’t make out the shape of any objects outside. With inhibitions lowered, their sex becomes more incredible (Scar didn’t even know that was possible). The moment #34 slides into her without resistance because she’s so ready to be filled by them, connected to them, loved like no other by them. #34 always said they were best in person, that their communication didn’t translate well through email or phone calls. This moment, they don’t need words because their bodies do the talking. Their bodies know what to do. The intense lovemaking is effortless, unpredictable, loving, fun, it just flows. They laugh, they cry, they love. Scar comes. She comes again and again until she loses track of the number of orgasms she has. After, they lay in each other’s arms. Scar is breathless, thirsty, and trembling with orgasmic aftershocks. She smiles as she feels them getting hard again. Turning off the real world and getting lost in #34’s arms. This is what our entire relationship felt like. Perfection.

#34 and Scar did not last. Scar moved and everything changed. #34 was right, they were best in person. Long distance was no match for them. There were other obstacles too. #34 was married and Scar did not think their marriage would end. Scar was in the process of getting divorced. There were kids on both sides from other relationships, and the kids took priority over their relationship. They would not fully commit to each other and take the leap of faith required to be together. They lost a child together. As instructed, Scar never believed #34 really loved her.

When they started their relationship, #34 was upfront about their past relationships summarizing each. Scar often wonders how #34 describes their relationship.


Oh the story of #35. Scar slept with her ex-husband’s ex-girlfriend. You read that right. The woman Scar’s ex-husband starting seeing after their relationship ended is the same woman Scar slept with. Scar and her ex-husband are friends and have remained friends through 10 years of marriage, the birth of a child, their divorce, and hopefully into their future. #35 was what it was. Now it is just a funny story between Scar and her ex-husband.

In the beginning is next.

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