Scarcebits —A marketplace for digitally scarce collectibles.

Feb 21, 2018 · 3 min read

2018 is the year of digital collectibles.

The explosive growth of this industry, ignited by the release of CryptoKitties, opens the door to a future where the digital goods we interact with on a daily basis are provably and irrevocably owned by users.

Join the fray

Scarcebits is a marketplace for digitally scarce collectibles and we are excited to join this industry and launch our first product — Handles.

Handles is a collection of unique, decentralized usernames built on the ERC721 standard. They are versatile in functionality, allowing owners to receive payments, store data, and even resolve websites. Much like a domain name, you can purchase existing handles on the open market or create new ones on the registration page.

Put your handle to use

Once you’ve picked up a handle you like, drop by the chat application to interact with other collectors and show off your new handle!


Handles are useful but they are also provably rare!

Handles must conform to the following requirements: 32 characters or less and only contain the following characters: a-b, 0–9, _

Each handle also fits in a category of rarity based on the length of the handle. See the table below to get an idea of the rarity system:


There are two ways to purchase a handle that has never been owned — Buy Now or Auction.

You can purchase a new handle outright for 0.1 ETH or you can start an auction for it. Auctions start at 1 ETH and decrease in price over a 1 day period until they are completely free.

This system allows for fair valuation of handles and gives everyone an equal opportunity to pick up good handles at affordable prices.

Scarcebits is only as strong as the community behind it, we need your help to build the best product possible! Please join the community on twitter, telegram, or reddit, and share this article with your friends!


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Marketplace for digitally scarce collectables.

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