A post wherein I get emotional and probably misuse commas

TL;DR — I’ve decided to leave Riot, and my last day is this Friday.

I was flown out to Riot HQ in 2012 to interview on my 21st birthday. In just 2 months, I’ll be 26. Considering my living situation (or lack thereof) beforehand, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that the series of events leading to my unlikely hiring very well may have saved my life. But as that 5-year mark creeps ever-closer, I’ve done a lot of reflecting about what I want to focus on and what I want to accomplish moving forward. Riot Games has been my home in many respects for so long that it’s been hard to imagine being without it — but if I’ve made it this far following my heart, I can’t stop now.

To the many Rioters around the world:

You are, and always will be, my family. From those of you I knew very well, spending countless hours yelling about our ideas and learning from one another, to those who may feel we barely knew each other: thank you. Thank you for showing me compassion, patience, and friendship like no community ever has, and for helping me to see the value and light that I can bring to others. I came here feeling like a freshmen at Xavier’s School for Gifted Children, with every person around me possessing a world-class talent or superpower. I don’t know if I can ever match the standards you’ve set, but I’m no longer some naive kid off the street. I know that now.

I look forward to encountering the Riot Fist the world over, sharing stories with friends and strangers alike as the years go on. What we’ve done together — what you do every day — is an accomplishment to the industry, and I know y’all will keep crushing memes and making dreams come true.

To the League of Legends community:

I was one of you before I ever had a dream of being a Rioter, and I look forward to staying a part of this community until the end of the line. It has been the greatest pleasure of my life to work for you, and I’ll never forget what you’ve taught me through years of your constant (and sometimes passionate) feedback. Though I won’t be working on the game, you’re always welcome to reach out to me to talk — and if we’re lucky, share a game on the Fields of Justice.

To everyone reading this:

I’m not going to stop. I’ve found such a depth of love and motivation from the people I’ve met and the experiences I’ve had these last five years, that to just give up and fade away would be a slap in the face to anyone that ever believed in me. I’m going to continue to push myself — as a designer, as a writer, and as a person — and find new ways to bring joy to the people I love and care about. Each of you has affected my journey whether you know it or not, and I want to make you proud.

Unless you never liked me, in which case I intend to continue making you upset. :3

My DM’s are open and will probably stay that way until Twitter explodes, so if you want to talk about anything (League related or no), I’m always happy to respond when you need me. Until then, I’ll be taking a break next week to start hacking through my embarrassingly large backlog of videogames before returning to lab to start cooking.

If this seems pretty dramatic and all over the place, I’m not sure what else you were expecting. Thanks for making it all the way through, and thanks for supporting me.

For the last time,


Later, buddy.
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