Roleplay Tips — How to stay in business

Whenever a new anime or videogame comes out, you see a ton of new RP accounts for basically every interesting character there. It’s happening right now with Overwatch, for example.

It’s easy to understand why it happens: People love these games, and thus these characters are in high demand. As such, it’s extremely easy to gain followers. Getting several thousand followers in a few weeks is not that difficult if you post lots of pictures and promote yourself correctly.

But this is not what you want!

Roleplaying has always been very personal, and after an evening of playing, I came to the conclusion that RPing with more than 5 people at once is just not possible. I got replies before I was typing my replies to others. In order to keep up, I constantly had to reply. This means that, technically, my capacity to RP would be full with 5 followers, if we’d RP all the time. But since these 5 people won’t be online at the same time all the time, yiu could squeeze in a bit more and more.

In the end, I measured that I could have about 15 different RP’s going on around each day before losing overview.

Don’t focus on growth

Sure, a large follower count has several advantages:

  • It makes you feel good, knowing that you’re popular.
  • It attracts more people, as it implies “the mass can’t be wrong”
  • Among thousands of followers, at least a few are surely going to suit you

But, these come at a cost. Focussing a lot on growth can have very negative effects on you and your followers as well:

  • Increased stress. You’ll get a lot of messages, asking to RP with you. No matter how much you’d like that, you’ll need to decline because you have too much going on.
  • Lower quality. Due to the sheer amount of people talking to you, you’re bound to forget what an RP was about, mistake two people, make spelling mistakes and/or keep your replies as brief as possible.
  • “Rockstar syndrome”. People will think negatively of you, due to your large amount of followers.

These downsides are not really worth the upsides. It’s better to keep your account with less than 1000 followers, in order to maintain a good overview of your RP’s and ensure you’re not getting stressed out.