Why I don’t just “Send a Starter”

And why people keep requesting it

Has it ever happened to you that you asked someone to roleplay with you and instead of you two talking about what you want, you hear “Yeah, just send me a starter, I’ll reply later” or similar? It certainly happened to me, and more often than not from “popular” RP accounts with several thousand followers.

The reason behind it is simple: They have tons of active plays going on at the moment and instead of just telling you “Sorry, I’m full”, they ask you to send a starter. Usually, it means they’ll just ignore it and don’t talk to you (or your son) ever again — but on the off chance it’s really incredible, they’ll dump someone else in favour of you. It has a touch of survival of the fittest.

However, there’s really a catch with it, and that’s time. I understand those people are busy, but my day doesn’t have 38 hours either. You see, I invest time in my roleplays — I try my best to cater to the kinks of my partners, just as I expect them to cater to mine. And starters, well, they set the scene for everything about to happen. They set the tone, the pacing and more. If your starters are similar to this, then you might need to revise your technique:

“Hello”, he said with a smile.

Further, if I have no information on what sort of play you are even looking for, how the hell am I supposed to write a starter? Are you into romance? Is your character single and looking, in an unhappy relationship, or perhaps finding love in unusual places? That’s just one aspect. It’s basically as if you asked me to make a compilation of the 100 albums you are most likely to enjoy, without knowing anything of your music taste, other than it being “non-mainstream”.

Please Stop

So here’s a suggestion: If you are one of those people who constantly ask others to send you starters without even taking a minute of talking to them, please stop.

No seriously, stop. Instead of asking for a starter and then ignoring it, try copy/pasting one of these:

Hey there, thanks for the interest…

  • Sadly, I have a lot of RPs going on at the moment and I don’t think I can take new one’s anytime soon.
  • However, your character doesn’t really suit the style of RP I am looking for.
  • But after going through your profile, I don’t think our characters match well.

Bam! Done. No really, it’s that simple. Even if it’s not the truth, it’s still polite.