I’m not trying to defend this person, only provide insight.
Joshua Casey

He IS autistic. However. He asked us to be blunt with him. We absolutely were, despite his claims we were not. I told him to stop contacting me, to stop tipping, subbing, and hosting; others told him to stop, others told him to leave me alone, I told him to leave me alone. I sympathize with his illness. It is not easy, I have many friends who are also autistic. However, my well being, safety, and my own personal mental health are things *I* must worry about. I cannot and should not be responsible for his actions that he has taken against many more women than I. This is a consistent thing he is doing while hiding behind his illness and using it to garner pity, sympathy, and guilt trip and manipulate us.

Near the obsessive tweets he started become more aggressive in his language. When people told them to back off he called them a bitch among other things. His aggression was worrying, and still is. Many over the years have tried helping him, reaching out to him, he has only gotten worse. Please understand I do not normally make call out posts. I actually abhor them. But his continued harassment of people in the twitch community needs to be addressed. It needs to be made public for the safety of myself, the other women, and others in the future.

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