Noosh Takes Seattle!

Scarlet and Noosh want to be roomies, but Noosh needs a little of that Twitch lovin’ to get to Seattle. So we’ve concocted a list of incentives to help her get here.

Noosh Incentives:
(To be Edited)
Noosh will write the name of all subs, resubs, bitters, and donors on a poster board.
At $50 or above noosh will draw a pokemon of the donor’s choice.

Scarlet Incentives:

Every Donation over $5.00/New Sub/Resub/500 Bitter Scarlet will write your name on a poster board in a color of your choice from her sharpie collection. (Not accumulative BUT! You can have your name written on the board multiple times.) This poster will hang in Scarlet’s and Noosh’s apartment together so we always remember who loves us. Any donation or bits received totaling over $50 (not accumulative) your name will be written in gold on a black poster board which will also hang in the apartment.

At 100 subs a rave activates. Yes. That rave. ;)

At 150 subs Scarlet will repaint her Library cases to upgrade the Signatures to her furniture instead of posters. Though you can still choose to be written on the Poster as well.

At 200 subs Scarlet will play Only Sims 4 with Her and Noosh as roomies until Noosh is fully funded. (Twist: You can donate $50 to activate the Wheel Of Undoing. On this wheel Scarlet has a chance to keep the game she’s currently playing (starts at sims 4), play a new game for 1–4 hours, or switch the game entirely. If game is switched entirely she must play this game until Noosh gets fully funded.

Every 5 new subs after 200 there will be a drawing to be made into a sim in the game (if it’s the current game of choice). You can win this multiple times if you sub multiple times.

Every 25 new subs or a single donation of $50 Scarlet must activate the “Wheel of Settlement” and complete a challenge. If challenge is passed nothing happens. If challenge is failed, Scarlet must spin the Wheel of Punishment. Challenges can be completed at another Stream time.

Wheel descriptions:

Tin Can: Labels are removed from cans and are numbered. Whoever triggered the wheel gets to pick which number Scarlet eats from. She must eat and swallow a full spoonful of the contents. If she spits or pukes she fails the challenge.

Habanero: Scarlet must complete a task while eating a habanero pepper. She cannot drink milk until the task is completed. Failed if drinks milk before the task is finished.

Take a Shot: WOO ALCOHOL

Chubby Bunny: Scarlet rolls a d20 and must put that many marshmallows in her mouth. If she can still say Chubby Bunny when the number is reached she passes.

Saltine: Scarlet must eat 6 saltines in 60 seconds.

No Mirror: As it sounds. Scarlet must put on make up without looking at herself on the camera or in the mirror.

Recruit a Friend: Scarlet must recruit a local friend to do a dual stream with where they also have to do any challenges that are rolled on.

Baby Food Challenge: Scarlet selects 1 bottle of baby food while blind and must eat a spoonful of it.

Ice Bucket: Scarlet launches periscope to dump a bucket of ice water on herself mid stream. (Done in bathroom) Then must resume stream as normal.

Safe: Nothing Happens

Blind Run: Scarlet rolls a d20 and must wear a blindfold while playing the current game for that many minutes.

IT’S JOHN CENA!!! Scarlet must play the full john Cena Theme Song on stream. RIP vod.

Get Baked: Scarlet rolls a d20 and must play the game with oven mitts on for that long.

The Upside Down: Scarlet rolls a d20 and must turn her keyboard and mouse upside down and play the game for that many minutes.

Get out of Jail Free Card: Scarlet is Safe

Rage Quit: Scarlet must delete the current save file or restart the world of the current game she’s playing and start a new one.

Kamikaze: Scarlet must kill her in game character she is currently playing.

Wasabi: Eat a teaspoon full of Wasabi

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