The God Shaming Fad

We live in an age of psuedo-intellectualism worn with a hypocritical ease from our luxurious couch. And what’s more, it’s indulgent immature celebration with a grand stage.

Alas, in this sea of fallible dialogue, even the panacea of a rain drop gets lost in the salty wave. Maybe, there’s after all a silver lining to this self-obsessed ritual, but that’s only in the back drop of a coming storm.

God shaming has become a trending fad. An adolescent vogue in a time when the world news is a censored propaganda. After all, defamation seels — like nothing else — especially when the world’s favourite past time is rumour.

So where does it end?

Does God have to stand up one fine morning and declare in writing with the cloud’s shape or stars alignment:

“(Dear children, oh scratch that! I don’t want another controversy with the Darwinians) Dear earthlings, I’m accountable for all your shit!

Oh wait! Would he have to do it in English, Spanish or mandarin or the zillion other languages we discovered cause we couldn’t make life easier with one. Would he have to satisfy the traditionals, modernists, feminists, standup comedians, nerds, scholars, scientists, artists, and the endless narrow compartments we seek to erect.

The trust is his existence or lack of it has no bearing on the shit we do in his name. It’s our irresponsibility and one that only we can set right, when we accept it’s our folly and correct it.

Forget His/Her Will; if it’s so distatseful, let’s test god’s pedigree doing good, and see how it’s overturned to evil.

No! we have to slander the (alleged supreme) entity cause we can’t accuse ourselves.

The vanity of fools.

The question isn’t even anymore if god exists!

If we did make him up, the tragedy is how low we stoop to prove we had a bad imagination a long time ago. How much further does science have to go to assert it’s supremacy?

Everything has good and evil to it.

Our actions are what describe our maturity. We don’t have to do great debates if god exists.

Atheism shouldn’t be another religion!

We have to only prove we exist. After all in time, if he’s a mirage, he’ll only turn obsolete. A harmless fairy tale for a future time, when kids will perhaps think, gods were the original earthlings; an alien species called humankind, effectively displaced.