Nazism is fascism not socialism.. why are Americans (from the USA) so ignorant?
cecilia fx

First, I am not American. So please, don’t make stupid assumptions.

Second — National Socialism is a variant of Socialism. There were difference in their views with the views of what we used to as Socialists today, but mostly it was about racial differences. Everything else was the same.

Both usual Socialism and National Socialism make people hate others, but while usual Socialism tells us to hate “financial capitalism”, National Socialism was telling people to hate “Jewish financial capitalism”.

National Socialists supported control of all areas of life by the State. They were big on welfare too. And they were into the State taking control over industries.

Even in small things the National Socialists have ideas that would not go amiss with likes of Jeremy Corbyn. Like building a “people’s car” that ordinary workers could buy, a holiday resort for workers. Salary controls.

Some people are really ignorant. Fascism is what they had in Italy and Spain. In Germany they had National Socialism.

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