Gender-issues worries and their intolerance

Interesting how some gender-issue worries are extremely intolerant when someone express an opinion that contradict their weird world view. And I am not talking about some intolerant gay-bashers or whatever, I am talking about opinions that in no way question civil rights of gay, transgender etc.

The example would be my answer to a user of this site called “Just Elise”.

This is my text:

I have no problem with “Just Elise” having different opinion on this. And I don’t mind if he/she/they either argue their position or just ignore me.

What “Just Elise” did was to write an answer to my text which was quite rude, calling me a “troll” and then immediately blocked me from even been able to see their posts, including the one which I answered.

Generally — not a very good advertisement for Gender-issue worries. Does not show them as someone who is tolerant to other people’s views or opinions.