America vs India in terms of people who are employed by gender…
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Kira Leigh

Have you ever noticed that in countries where there is high number of women in tech you would usually find that women generally find less changes for career in other areas?

The reason is simple — IT and science are the professions where there is much less discrimination based on gender then in other areas. The reason is simple — in these subjects there is a need for highly skilled professionals and it is more difficult to pretend. As a result women tend to choose these profession when the culture in their country is more discriminatory.

In India the percentage of women going to universities to study for tech degrees is much higher then in the USA or UK because they have nowhere else to go. And if you have more women graduates, you end up with more women in the profession.

Tech industry in India is not less discriminatory then in the USA, it is the opposite, but the rest of India’s professional areas are even worse.

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