LibDem got squeezed because of tactical voters thinking they'd not be able to win seats and split…
Helen De Cruz

Looks like people who vote Labour don’t have any common sense.

Why would one think that somehow Labour might negotiate a less hard Brexit if in Labour election Manifesto there is a clause about stopping “freedom of movement” (the very reason why Brexit can be “hard”)?

Metropolitan Champagne Socialist definitely have less mental abilities then Northern England working class. The working class in the North understood perfectly well that with Jeremy Corbyn as a leader Labour party stopped been a pro-EU. This is why this time around those who voted UKIP before returned to Labour. Why metropolitan Socialists covered their ears and eyes and pretend that they don’t see and hear what they don’t what to see and hear is probably down to the reason they always voted Labour — brainwashing in universities (that tend to be left-wing).

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