After Finsbury Park: Tackling Islamophobia as ‘extremism’ will compound Prevent’s failures
Yahya Birt

“Muslim activist Siema Iqbal is asking for a national strategy to tackle Islamophobia”

You can’t make people less afraid of something (“phobia” means “fear”) by banning expression of their fear (which is “takling of Islamophobia” effectively is).

“disengagement with Muslim communities”

What is “engagement with Muslim communities”? Are Muslims in any way special requiring “engagement” that other people don’t need? Does “Buddist community” require special “engagement”? What it is, this “engagement”?

“Presently “religion and belief” is a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010"

If we make “belief” a protected characteristic, should it be any “belief” or only “religious belief”? I.e. if some abstract religious belief (I am not talking to specifics here) includes elements of hate toward any group of people, why this needs to be “protected”, why someone belief of the same that is not religious not? If we protect any belief, then Nazi believing that Jews needs to die will be protected. If we only protected “religious belief” then that Nazi made a big mistake by not claiming that it is an “imaginary friend in Heaven” told him so.

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