You are absolutely right, but we shouldn’t let the differences blind us to some basic similarities.
Seth Miller

No, this is a very important difference.

We don’t share music, we copy it. Technology just made the process of creating a copy easier, which in term, made a process of policing illegal copying more difficult (in case o streaming a copy is created while you listen).

Free and quick delivery does not change the cost of making the goods. So it would have no influence on our willingness to share the goods for free when we still have to pay for the goods to be made. Your Socialist utopia is not going to appear just because I will be able to pass my spade to you quickly. It would be easier for those willing to make a business out of renting stuff out (see Airbnb model), but you will have to pay for it and this will only really work for high value goods – if the sweater is cheap, why would I want to ware clothe someone else had worn before me?

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