Yes, obviously people who don’t work, or children or people who earn less than 11,500 don’t have to…
Ted James

On Corbyn’s proposal “to ask the rich to pay a bit more to society and placing a 28% cooperation tax on big companies operating in Britain”

First “ask the rich” is not exactly correct term, it is not “ask”, it is to “force to pay”, is it?

The State, obviously, can put whatever tax rate it fancies. The problem is that higher tax rate, while warming the hart of usual left-wing hater of the rich, does not necessary mean the State collect more taxes. If it was so, there would be no difference in tax rate between countries — the State would just demand 99% of everything.

And of all taxes it is the corporation tax on companies that is especially badly affected (it actually would have much higher effect on the reduction of the taxable amount then increase in personal income tax. But this is, of course, the concept that is too complicated for an average left-wing mind which leaves on meaningless slogans.

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