A Pair is Better Than One
Connected Lab

Pair Programming is an awful practice. It is NOT delivering better code (there is no evidence of this at all), the best way to improve quality is a practice of code reviews (it provide higher quality at less expense).

What Pair Programming does it allows incompetent programmers to keep their jobs at the expense of competent ones. If someone likes Pair Programming, there is a very high chance that it is because he was never good at this job in the first place. If you good at it, why would you want to someone to constantly look over your shoulder telling you what to do?

Grow up, learn to think for yourself and learn the job, if you can, of course.

It is not a surprise that it is the IT consultancies, who “sell bodies”, that are mostly promoting this stupid practice — they don’t care about productivity provided someone pays. For them this practice allows to charge full price for less experience programmers they would not be able otherwise.

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