The ‘Great’ in Great Britain

Relax, nobody is going to force you out. And if you want to do something positive, then you need to spend an effort to ensure that the paperwork is in order and apply for a Indefinite Leave to Remain. I personally know some EU citizens that have done it long time ago (and some of them became citizens even if some spent less time in the country then you did).

The Brexit will happen, nothing can’t stop it now. And you continuing complaining about it is probably what courses your problem with patients and friends.

And yes, if you have not become a British Citizen yet (you could as you have lived in the country for quite a long time, but you have chosen not to), it is not your country, so it is understandable that people are not happy when you make your demands on how it works. Threatening to leave (as you did in this text) does not add weight to your complaining.

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