I’m not going to get you fired. I’d rather people get hired than fired. Google did what they needed to, in their best interest, because if he had been kept on staff, Google would’ve looked bad. He started a huge, huge shitstorm.
I’m not going to get you fired.
Kira Leigh

So you support him loosing his job?

Someone in Google leaked the text, it could very well be someone who did not agree with it and wanted to punish him.

So thank you for your promise not to join the mob in order to destroy my life, but I’d rather not rely on such “generosity” from the rest of the PC brigade.

At least at the moment the police is not actively looking for “wrong thoughts”, so one can at least be safe when not showing your name (provided you have not done anything that can be considered against the law that has a chance to stand in court). But judging by the direction things are taking, it can get much worse in the future. It always happens slowly, small step after a small step.

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