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What is tolerance?

Lets consider the following hypothetical situation:

A person, lets call him Richard, has written a Twitter post in which he stated that, say, “the reason why there are less Black mathematicians then White mathematicians is because on average White people have higher frequency of genetic ability for Math”.

Richard believes in equals rights, he believes that people should not be judged by colour of their skin. He believes that hiring people or enrolment to universities should be colour-blind. He just suspects that if we give anybody equal chance, just because of genetic ability the result won’t be proportional to population numbers. Richard understands that other people might have different views on this and he has no problems with other people disagreeing with him.

Another person, lets call him James, read the twit and did not like it. He decided that Richard is a racist and that something needs to be done about it.

So James called his friends and organised a campaign against Richard, sending letters to Richard’s employer, using Twitter and other social networks, demanding that Richard to be punished. Richard’s employer decided that they do not want negative publicity and decided to fire Richard.

What is your opinion, who of the two people is in this example is tolerant and who is intolerant?