Coding Environment
Malina Tran

Why you do it to yourself?

It might seem to you that the ideals of what you read in Beck’s book looks nice, but that is not the reality.

The reality is what you see around you — pair programming which makes you uncomfortable, open work layout that is a setback to you.

People are different. The problem with all those ideas like XP is that they start with something that worked for a very specific group of people. And these people erroneously decided that it might work for everybody. Then some other people (sundry consultants and coaches) picked it up because they thought that there were money for them to get paid to talk about it. And the next thing — managers start forcing people to follow these ideas despite the fact that they don’t work for majority of us.

You don’t have to force yourself to change to something that is not you only because someone’s ideas seem good in a book while you don’t see it been good for you in real life.

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