Another factor is strong black men are not 100% attracted to the type of women the white male privilege parades around as workplace sex trophies so strong black men do not have the same sexualized taste and cannot be incentivized in this matter
Hollywood and Silicon Valley Exclude Strong Black Men to Create a P*ssy Grabbing Culture
Ed Dunn

You are coming up as a real racist, do you know this?

So a White liberal who always was politically correct and talk the talk about diversity and other such stuff was found a bit not up to the standards. And now everything is trying to get on the band wagon…

I worked in tech companies all my life but out of real cases of sexual harassment (i.e. when a woman did not want that but the guy continued to make his advances over the period of days) I am aware of only one (I suspect the tech industry, despite all talk, is one of the tolerant and non-harassing one). Interestingly in that one case the perpetrator was Black while the victim was a Muslim girl in a hijab. And no, I don’t think it had anything to do with his skin colour — he was just a nasty person

So please, don’t do your racist “it is because Weinstein is white” or talk more of liberal “white privilege” nonsense as this all those things that Weinstein and his liberal friends always like talking about.