Under communism, it was FORCED LABOUR, that is, there was NO ONE that wasn’t working
Look, I just can’t debate with someone that just chucks bits of stereotypical subjective…
Martin Schmalzried

You are wrong again.

In countries like the USSR people actually had jobs and were receiving salaries.

Yes, you had to have a job (i.e. you could not just decide that you will be living off the State), but generally jobs were available and one could choose what job one is going to do. And exactly like in case of UBI, people at the bottom end of jobs did not really care about it. If you were at one of those bottom jobs, you knew that if you come to work absolutely drunk tomorrow morning the worst thing that could happen to you is that you move to a similar job elsewhere, there was not risk of loosing your livelihood if you did not care about your career.

The problem in the USSR was not with the people who were lazy (i.e. who had to get a job instead of doing nothing at all). The problem was with people who in the Western societies would be the main movers and shakers, who could not imaging not working in the first place, whatever society they live in. Because these people did not see any incentive in doing what other people might have wanted and for what the people would be prepared to exchange the products of their effort.

One of the reason people with university degrees were pissed off was that despite them having jobs that in Western countries would provide decent income, they were often paid less then the “Proletariat” they went to school with, who were bottom of the class, then just coasted from one job to another with the knowledge that whatever they do they would never be out of work. As a result people who in the Western societies would be the major movers and be busy making money, were generally unhappy about the system and did nothing but complained. And where a change in government system is concerned, it is the people with university education who are creating the public opinion, not the Proletariat.

So no, your fantasy that somehow by jumping on cryptocurrency bandwagon you somehow create a system where it would be OK to not work at all while receiving support and that this system somehow will produce necessary wealth, is simply that — a fantasy.

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