Puppy Love


Budweiser, puppies and Clydesdales- What could the three possibly have in common? The thing is is that they have absolutely nothing in common. Budweiser, in this heart wrenching commercial, is not focused on selling beer,

but rather focuses on telling an epic story of the friendship between a young puppy and a horse.

The commercial appeals to the viewers’ need to feel safe. It’s not that we want to feel safe, but we want the puppy to be safe and back with the cowboy and Clydesdales. We as viewers want that reassurance, that safe feeling, that the puppy and the Clydesdale will rekindle their friendship after being separated. The commercial pulls at your heartstrings and leaves viewers wondering up until the very end what will happen to the puppy and the Clydesdale after the puppy is sold to a prosperous buyer.

Moreover, the song played throughout the commercial (Let Her Go by Passenger) flows with the theme of the commercial: the puppy was taken away because the Clydesdales couldn’t protect the puppy from the potential owners and the Clydesdales eventually went and rescued him.

All in all, while there is no alcohol being advertised in the commercial, Budweiser definitely hit the nail on the head by using animals to sell an idea-not a product. The ad appeals to both genders because the owner of the already muscular Clydesdales is an average southern man, therefore appealing to men, while the friendship aspect appeals more to women. Who knows what heart strings Budweiser will pull in it’s next puppy love saga.

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