Uncertainty is a constant in the business world, but especially so as we look ahead to 2023.

Navigating Uncertainty in 2023: Tips for Business Owners

Even experienced entrepreneurs may feel overwhelmed by the unknown.

But here are some strategies successful entrepreneurs and business owners have used to thrive in uncertain times:

🎯 Be flexible and ready to change course as needed, focusing on solving the problem rather than sticking to a specific solution.

🎯 Continuously iterate and improve, testing new ideas without risking everything.

🎯 Embrace ambiguity and use structured methodologies to bring clarity.

🎯 Prepare for potential risks and challenges.

🎯 Stay curious, ask questions, and constantly strive to improve.

🎯 Surround yourself with a supportive team and seek out outside help when needed.

🎯 Regularly prioritise high-impact activities for your business and personal time.



Last year, the UK SME sector shrank by nearly 80,000 small firms…

The Most Entrepreneurial Locations In The UK In 2023

Given the current state of the economy, this is not unexpected.

However, the UK has a long history of invention and entrepreneurship, and numerous towns and cities across the country went the opposite way, establishing more new enterprises than the rest of the country.

The following are the top UK towns and cities in terms of the number of new SMEs launched in the previous year per capita:

📍 Wolverhampton

📍 Mansfield

📍 Blackburn

📍 Luton

📍 Worcester

Data Source: ONS, Superscript