Published as “Sentenced to Depth” in Rain Taxi, 2013

In Fiction and the Figures of Life, William H. Gass offers the fledgling writer—or any writer, period—numerous insights toward the construction of meaningful, emotionally resonant, and culturally significant fiction, or, as Gass writes, “objects which are especially worthy of love.” Throughout the book, Gass elucidates the disparities between fiction and…

Gass with Stanley Elkin. Courtesy of Catherine Gass.

Published in The New Republic, 1979, as “William Gass and John Gardner: A Debate on Fiction”

This discussion between William Gass and John Gardner took place on October 24, 1978, during a Fiction Festival sponsored by the University of Cincinnati and the National Endowment for the Arts. The discussion was moderated by Thomas LeClair, who teaches at Cincinnati. John Gardner is the author of On Moral…

Conducted by Michael Silverblatt, 1995; Broadcast on “Bookworm,” 1995

The following interview was recorded in March 1995 in the studios of KCRW, in Santa Monica, California. The program’s description of the show was as follows: “Author William H. Gass discusses the evolution and style of his thirty-years-in-the-making new novel, finally published this month.”

One shelf of the Gass library. Photographed by Frank Di Piazza.

Published in Contemporary Literature, 2002

William H. Gass and I met at the Society for the Study of Narrative Literature’s annual conference, in East Lansing, on the campus of Michigan State University, in April 2002. We made arrangements to meet in the morning for breakfast, at a cafe next to a bar. The owner was…

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