My Escape

My Escape

When is the best time to figure out what you want to do in life? Who knows right? I ask myself these questions all the time. Everyone can and will be different in these situations. Making major choices in my life has always been difficult. In my case, I enjoy going to an excluded place to think and work out some of these hard questions. Places like the hallway near my room are perfect to get away and come back with answers and not just questions for once. Something about the silence and beautiful scenery that pulls the answers right out of my mind. Since I get a lot of questions answered here I like to goal set as well. Goal setting in my life is very important because when I do not set goals I start to slack and my school work starts to run away from me.

This pictures relates performance and goal setting together. Goal setting has been studied for many decades and still to this day is considered a theory. The picture above shows you how being specific or measurable when setting goals will increase your chances of being successful. Goal setting can be tricky because if you are not serious about achieving these goals than you will never accomplish them. Something as simple as someone telling themselves they want to get an A in English. Well if they are not specific and realistic than most likely you will not get an A in English. Without a light amount of goal setting in your life you will probably not get very far in life. Setting goals can help you in the classroom and even your health.

The American Kidney Fund says, “Living healthy is easier if you set goals. Spring into action with some healthy new goals! Start by thinking about what you would like to achieve. Then, help ensure your success by making your goals SMART”(American Kidney Fund). Goal setting does not just bring your grades up but also can help you live a healthier life style. If you stay smart; Specific, measureable, assignable, realistic and time based. Then your life will most likely change for the better. I know when I started setting specific attainable goals, my grades went up and my life style has become healthier.

I have found that when I escape from the real world and go to my special place in the trees, my life gets better and better. I think that everyone should take out a chunk of their day and make a point to goal set. The facts are there to back it up and if anyone thinks it is silly then that is their loss. Finally, I believe that goal setting is a great way to enhance someone’s life. If all someone needs is a special place to figure out some hard questions, then why don’t people do it more often? People can use places for more than just a view or even more than just a dorm. Sometimes all you need is a safe place to be. Set the bar high and make challenging goals but never be afraid of failing because the reward is greater than anything.