Picture by Bitbeefy

It’s a swan song that roars. Away! Reverberating in deep sets of lungs. Away! Hurtling towards London. AWAY! Our spirits are rattled alive, forever, as Run Dem Crew sets to rest.

Last night was a season finale for the books. Nine kilometres ran in honour of the nine years RDC’s been running.

Founded by Charlie Dark, RDC is a collective that grooved against the grain. It’s a movement that took youths (and those young-at-heart) from the couch to the pavement to the dance floor. It’s a platform to exchange ideas, plant a few thoughts, until they grow into robust movements in their own right. Swim Dem, WMN Run, LDN Brunch Club, Track Mafia, Advent Running, and that’s not even touching the sides on schemes still a-brewing.

RDC is that encouraging push for realms beyond physical and mental constraints — personal bests, ultra marathons, Ironman…the bounds are ever-evolving. It’s also a soft landing spot for anyone that needed it.

It’s tribal. Oral storytelling on Tuesday evenings, then running off like wild creatures released into the night. Greyhounds, cheetahs, party pacers, elites. A mixture comprised of diverse backgrounds, diverse fates. And the community borne out of RDC seeps into life outside of athleticism, still bringing those vibes forth, if you’ll let it.

The crew manifests differently for different people. And while it retreats, resets and takes a breather at this eventide, the beast it had mobilised carries on. I suppose we’ll see what shape it takes in due course.

Last night could’ve been melancholic. Instead, it was a celebration of time and achievements gone by. It was lovely.

Of my history with RDC, it’s not long but it’s precious to me. My first RDC-fuelled race was the MoRunning 10k in Greenwich; it seemed fitting that this last RDC jaunt tackled the same hill, the same park.

So, here’s to the crew. And those good vibes. I thank thee.

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