I was recently watching a TV news show and they presented a segment on Americans being overweight. They said 70% of Americans are overweight. It’s nice to be in the majority on something important like that, YAY/Ugh. There’s safety in numbers…especially big numbers. The discussion on the show was that someone had done a research study to see what motivated people to lose weight. The researchers offered cash rewards for losing weight and cash penalties for failing to lose weight. These doctors were trying to answer the question, “What is most influential for weight loss, positive reinforcement or negative reinforcement”?

My step-daughter from a previous marriage was a sweet young 16 year-old girl that tended to hang with the wrong crowd. She had a boyfriend that was difficult to like. But, you can’t help who you love. I couldn’t find one redeeming quality, believe me, I tried.

One hot August day in Phoenix, we had a tree fall down in our driveway. I was sweating ammunition (not bullets) trying to lift the tree with my back while tying a rope around the trunk and some poles. I needed at least one more arm. He steps over the tree with pants…

Tom Schneider

Former CEO, World Series of Poker Player of the Year. Speaker, Singer-songwriter (country don’t hate me) CFO for Loudmouth Golf, CPA with unusual ideas.

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