Homicide-Suicide of an Older Couple Involving Complex Suicide An Unusual Case

Homicide-suicide is defined by a homicide committed by someone who subsequently commits suicide. “Dyadic death” term has been also used for these deaths as these incidents often involve a pair of persons. Homicide-suicides usually involve a male perpetrator, who commits one or more homicides and then commits suicide. They generally occur within a family and may involve children. There is a love or spousal relationship between the victim and perpetrator in most cases. Three types of homicide-suicides have been classified; familial, spousal/consortial, and extrafamilial types. They have different sub-classifications defined by age of individuals and relationship. Homicide-suicides in older couples were interpreted as dyadic deaths, dual suicide pacts, or homicide-suicides with altruistic motives which are attributed to the perpetrator.

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