A letter of support to our first-generation college students


Dear Scholars,

This week, news about a major college admissions scandal has dominated the headlines, inciting anger, outrage, and grave mistrust in our society’s higher education system. We, too, are deeply provoked by this abuse of power and privilege, but refuse to lose sight of what’s most important (and missing) from these crucial conversations: you, our community of hard-working scholars.

We are here to remind you that you earned your spot on your college campus.

Our entire ScholarMatch community — other students, alumni, staff, volunteers, and supporters — recognizes and values your hard work, resilience, and refusal to let obstacles get in the way of attaining the higher education you deserve.

You belong at your school.

Do not be persuaded that your college admittance was informed only by the color of your skin or the community from which you came. Your diverse identity and experiences are celebrated and necessary for our society.

We hope this news ignites your passion to disrupt the higher education system from within.

YOU, not the individuals dominating the headlines, are the future leaders of this country. YOU are the people enacting positive change within society. YOUR voices, now more than ever, are crucial to fighting the many injustices we are witnessing.

ScholarMatch will continue championing underserved, first-generation students like you, defending diversity and the importance of promoting students with diverse backgrounds, and fighting for equity within our higher education systems and beyond. We encourage you to make your voice heard on campus, at your workplaces, and in all areas of your lives.

Should you need space to discuss, reflect, or air out your concerns, we are here to support you.


“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”
— Audre Lorde

ScholarMatch, a non-profit organization founded by author Dave Eggers, makes college possible for underserved youth by matching students with donors, resources, colleges and professional networks. You can learn more about their work, the students they serve, and the impact they’ve created in their communities at scholarmatch.org.